Q&A about FT

Q1 How to manage liquidity for FT in TCGVerse/OASYS L2 ?

Liquidity pools are supported by L1 dex. Also, the pool will be formed by each company.

▼Future flow (1)Correspondence of your token to tealswap (2)Obtain an OAS token (3)Creating a pool at your company →Regarding (2)(3), we can consider creating a pool on behalf of our company, so please let us discuss it in the future."

Q2 What are stable coins that being supported in TCGVerse or OASYS chain ?

usdt、usdc You can see from Tealswap.

Q3 What are other chain native tokens that TCGVerse or OASYS chain support ?

There are no plan to support any other native tokens.

Q4 Are there some dex on L2?

No,dex is only on L1.

Q5 What can L1 do that L2 cannot?

For example, using dex, staking to Verse,governance vote for Oasys etc.

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