How to Add $TCGC token to Metamask

This page describes how to add TCGC to your Metamask. This method is based on Metamask installed in chrome. TCGC is available on the MATIC (polygon),Etherum,Oasys.

How to add TCGC token to your Metamask

1: Expand view of Metamask

First, open the Metamask you have installed on your extension. Click the three dots just below the wallet icon in the upper right corner. Then the menu will open.
Select "Expand view" from the menu.

2: Copy the contract address to your clipboard

Copy the TCGC contract address to your clipboard. You can go to the page where the TCGC contract address is posted from the link below.

TCGC Contract Adress

3: Import tokens

Click Import tokens on the Metamask page to go to the screen for importing tokens. Enter the TCGC contract address that you copied to the clipboard. If the address you enter is correct, the token symbol and token discimal will be entered automatically. Then click "Add Custom Token".

4: Complete Import TCGC Token

On the final confirmation screen to add a token, click Import token. Check that TCGC has been added on the Metamask main screen.