Q&A for development,etc...

Q1 Do you support Moralis API ? If not, do you have any middleware support which have the same functionalities ?
A.There are no plan to support Moralis API. Q2 How to post your game on Oasys navi? A.TCG Verse will apply.Please let us know when you need.  Oasys navi:https://oasys.gamefi.org/ Q3 How to apply Oasys marketing grant? A.Please copy the form and submit for TCG Verse first.
Oasys marketing grant application form Q4 How to post your game on TCG Verse official site? A.Please send required information and inform TCG Verse.  TCG Verse official site:https://tcgverse.xyz/
Required information ・Game name ・Short explanation until 200 letters ・Twitter url ・Top page url ・Official logo url