To trade NFT of TCG Verse in tofuNFT, you have to choose TCG Verse chain in tofuNFT in advance.

What is tofuNFT?

tofuNFT is secondary marketplace of TCG Verse.You can trade your NFT of TCG Verse in the marketplace.
1:Open tofuNFT
2:Change your chain
3:Select TCG Verse You can use TCGC or L2 OAS as a payment. *You can get L2 OAS by bridge OAS from L1 to L2. How to get L2 OAS? How to add TCG Verse network to your wallet?
4:Select project The number of project of TCG Verse will increase continuously.
*notice(1) Please add TCGC token to Metamask before salling your NFTs on tofuNFT. The way to add TCGC to Metamask ↓
*notice(2) If a user who do not register Cryptospells purchases a NFT of Cryptospells from tofuNFT, it will be hidden in-game.Please register in advance.