Why Choose TCG Verse

Free gas Add utility Grant acquisition support Tech support Marketing support

1. Free gas

・Gas is free in Verse Layer.This is features of Oasys. ・User can use blockchain fast and free. Gas bill ($OAS) will be paid by TCG Verse. It costs you nothing. ・Oasys White Paper https://docs.oasys.games/docs/whitepaper/vision/vision-intro

2.Add utility

・Aiming for a world where you can play various card games with own NFTs.

・All NFTs in TCG Verse will be playable in NFTWars.


NFTWars Application

3.Grant acquisition support


Please fill out the form. We will support negotiations with Oasys foundation. Allocation to TCG Verse will occur if grant is obtained

①Fill out the Oasys review form.

②(2week)The grant will be confirmed after screening by Oasys.

③Sign two contracts

OASYS <> Your project

TCG Verse <> Your project

④Announcing support for TCG Verse & Oasys.

・Token has a lockup

Marketing 50%(30%:Granted at announced / 20%:Granted at game released)

Development 50%(50%:Vesting for 36 months after game released)

4. Tech support

・ CryptoGames participates in Oasys chain development and validators.Discord support for building questions on TCG Verse.

Document for TCG Verse


Document for Oasys


・Entrusted development

Contact CryptoGames Inc. contact Form.


5.Marketing support

・TCG Verse has a strong core Japanese gaming community, including card games. We can be promoted to card gamers.

Ⅰ. Partnership announcement. Community (twitter, discord:total 200k users ) and press release in Japan.

Ⅱ. Collaboration giveaway and more.

Ⅲ. Introduce ecosystem partners.

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