Q&A about NFT

Q1 Is TCGC required in minting NFT ?
TCGC is a governance utility token for the game we provide, In Oasys, $OAS is the native token for both L1 and L2.
・ OAS is required for gas charges for transactions on L1
  • OAS is also required when bridging from L1 to L2
  • A small amount of gas is available at fauset ・ OAS is not required for transactions on L2 (no gas fee is required)
Q2 Where are the secondary marketplaces for NFTs issued in TCGVerse ?
The secondary marketplace is only tofuNFT right now.
Q3 How to buy NFT on L2?
Use OAS bridged from L1 to L2.
OAS is available in L1 dex and cex such as bybit. Gas fee is required when bridging OAS from L1 to L2. Also, L2 NFTs cannot be used in L1 unless they are bridged to L1.
Q4 Can L2 NFTs be used in L1 as is?
no,user have to bridge vNFT to L1. At the time,user have to pay gas fee to bridge it.
*vNFT means Verse NFT.It was minted on L2.